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Course name: Image Processing with Python
Course length: 3 days
Remote: Yes
Open course: No
In-house: Yes
Course ID: IME
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Image Processing with Python

Target Audience

The course targets medium level to experienced Python programmers who want to learn how to use Python for image processing. This course is no introduction to Python but focuses in the image processing principles and how to implement them in Python. Please see section “Recommended Module Combinations” for recommended courses to acquire the needed knowledge to successfully take part in this training.


An increasing number of scientists and engineers use Python in a broad spectrum of fields. Image processing is one of the cornerstones in Python’s scientific computing community thanks to the availability of well-maintained packages


During the course of this training, you will learn how to

  • load image data or extract it from your data,

  • process image data by means of filtering, enhancing, extraction,

  • annotate image data for documentation or visualization purposes, and

  • store image data and extracted data by

  • employing state-of-the-art Python packages.

Course Content

Data Input / Output

  • First steps

  • Beyond 2D images

Basic Image Manipulation and Analysis with NumPy and SciPy

  • Cropping and scaling

  • Thresholding and masking

  • Linear spatial filters

  • Interpolation

  • Morphological operations

  • Measurements

Interactive Workflow

  • Installation

  • Usage

Advanced Image Analysis and Processing with scikit-image and OpenCV

  • Color spaces

  • Filtering in the frequency domain

  • Image restoration

  • Image segmentation

  • Feature extraction

  • Image registration


The participants can follow all steps directly on their computers. There are exercises at the end of each unit providing ample opportunity to apply the freshly learned knowledge.


We use our online programing system that contains all needed software. There is no need to install any additional software. A modern internet browser and a decent internet connection will be enough.

Hardware for Open In-Person Trainings

For open trainings at our teaching center you can use your own laptop. Alternatively, we provide teaching computers. Please let us know if you need one in your registration form.

Course Material

Every participant receives comprehensive materials in PDF format that cover the whole course content as well as all source code.

How to contact us:
Python Academy GmbH & Co. KG
Zur Schule 20
04158 Leipzig / Germany
Tel:+49 341 260 3370
Fax:+49 341 520 4495
How to contact us:
Python Academy GmbH & Co. KG
Zur Schule 20
04158 Leipzig / Germany
Tel:+49 341 260 3370
Fax:+49 341 520 4495